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What’s new in mobile advertising? What’s working in mobile advertising? Download our white papers to learn real-world examples of how brands, small businesses and app developers are using mobile advertising to help their businesses grow.

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Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook recently announced the Custom Audience tool. With Custom Audience, advertisers can find their email and offline audiences on Facebook. They can connect with… continue »

2012 Political Report: Average Costs for Signup Ad Campaigns in Swing States

According to MediaVest, political spending in 2012 will increase by as much as 30% from 2008 to reach $4 billion. In this report, we… continue »

Five Tips Every Mobile Advertiser Needs to Know

The world has gone mobile. According to Morgan Stanley, Internet mobile adoption rates are ramping up faster than desktop Internet did, and the number… continue »

How to Follow Up with Signups Via Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a relevant and impactful digital marketing tool. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), email will drive $67.8 billion in… continue »

Simple Tips for Designing Effective Mobile Emails

More and more, people are reading and responding to emails on mobile devices. An April 2011 study sponsored by Google showed that 82% of… continue »

Getting Mobile Right in 2012

The world has gone mobile. Recently, eMarketer projected mobile ad spending in the US will increase by 80% in 2012 to reach $2.61 billion.… continue »

The Relevancy Group 2011 Marketer Survey Results: Marketers Cite Lack of ROI as the Biggest Deterrent to Increasing Mobile Ad Spending

Mobile ad spending is predicted to reach 1 billion dollars in 2011, according to eMarketer. Impressive as this growth is, there is the potential… continue »

December 2010 Harris Interactive Survey: How Consumers Perceive and Interact with Mobile App Advertising

In December 2010, Harris Interactive conducted a survey on how consumers perceive and interact with mobile app advertising. The most significant finding was that… continue »

Why Online Ads Don’t Work in a Mobile World

How Fortune 500 marketers and national nonprofits are adding mobile advertising to their digital marketing mix.

About Facebook’s Social Inbox and How Your Brand Can Be a Part of It

Facebook recently announced the Social Inbox. This new platform gives marketers a chance to deploy branding campaigns on Facebook in a very real and… continue »

Reaching Consumers with Signup Advertising

This white paper will take a detailed look at how Lilly Pulitzer, PalmBeach Jewelry, Ouidad, and Paper Hat Press use signup advertising to connect… continue »

Acquiring Users for Your Email and Social Communities

A group is made up of real people, and not out of anonymous impressions. That’s why marketers looking to build brand groups online must… continue »

Travel Marketers – How to Connect With Travelers Online

The Nevada Commission of Tourism (NCOT) was looking for a new way to bring visitors to its state, so it began an online campaign… continue »

For Mobile Developers

Popular Android App Increased Revenue with Language-Specific International Mobile Ads

“Pontiflex AppLeads provided an incredible source of international and domestic income for me, allowing me to quit my day job at Walmart and focus… continue »

App Developer Atonality Mobile Increased Revenue by 8X and Kept Their App Free for Users

Learn how the Android developer increased revenue by 8 times and built a vibrant app community with Pontiflex AppLeads.

Top iPad App, Color Effects, earned $30 CPMs and doubled revenue with signup ads.

How does an established, popular app continue to increase revenue without sacrificing user experience? Learn how.