Privacy Center

At Pontiflex, we are committed to ensuring that you have a safe, transparent and open experience with our online advertising. Our commitment to your privacy is more than an abstract principle – it informs the nuts and bolts of our ad design and technology.

With an ad served through Pontiflex, you explicitly select the advertisers you want to hear from. What’s more, you know exactly what you are signing up for – whether it’s a special offer, information or an update from an advertiser or nonprofit that you choose to connect with.

We have five principles that guide how we approach privacy and user experience. We promise to:

  • Enable you with complete visibility into the information you share with advertisers.
  • Give you total transparency into exactly what you are signing up for.
  • Empower you with the control to sign up for advertising in a simple way.
  • Protect and safeguard the data and information that you submit to us.
  • Innovate responsibly with a strong focus on privacy and security as the digital medium evolves.

You can find more details on Pontiflex’s Privacy Policy page. You can also find answers to commonly asked question in our FAQ section. At any time, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email We’ll get right back in touch with you.