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Build an audience for your social marketing efforts with Pontiflex’s signup ads

Facebook + Pontiflex’s Signup Ads = Social Marketing Results

Recently, Facebook announced the Custom Audiences tool. With Custom Audiences, marketers can find their email and offline audiences on Facebook, and serve them relevant ads. 

Custom Audiences allows you to upload your email lists to Facebook. You can create a new audience for each email list — for example, you can create different audiences for new customers, lapsed customers, and repeat customers. 

But just how can you build an custom email audience for your brand?

By running Pontiflex’s Signup Ads. 

Pontiflex’s signup ads run on top mobile apps on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. When people are using mobile apps, they will see a signup ad for your company. If they like what you do, they can sign up to receive emails from you. You get their email address. Then upload to Facebook. It’s that easy.

You only pay for valid and new-to-file email signups. You never pay for wasted clicks or impressions. And it’s always 100% opt-in. 

To get started with Pontiflex and build a custom audience for your brand, email us or call us at 1.800.420.6086.