About Us

What do you do?

We have pioneered a new form of mobile advertising called signup ads.® With signup ads®, local businesses, large brands or mobile app developers can grow their businesses by making the most of the mobile opportunity .

How do you do it?

Mobile signup ads® appear within top rated iPhone, iPad and Android apps. People can signup to hear from the businesses they like without leaving an app. If they don’t want to opt-in to an ad, they can skip the ads easily. Since 2008, over 90 million people have signed up to hear from brands and businesses they like using the Pontiflex platform.

Is that good?

Yes! It’s good for people because they sign up for their favorite brands. It’s good for advertisers because they connect to people who actually want to hear from them. And it’s good for app developers because, they can provide people with a great user experience and make real money on their apps.

How much does it cost?

Advertisers only pay when a person signs up to hear from them. They never pay for wasted clicks or impressions. This way, advertisers get returns on every dollar they spend on advertising.

Who uses Pontiflex?

Thousands of small businesses and national brands use Pontiflex to run geo-targeted mobile campaigns and get new customers.

Enough with the acronyms. What’s up with your name?

Here’s the story: pont is the French word for bridge, and we borrowed flex from flexible. Put them together and you have flexible bridge. Considering we connect businesses and people, it’s a pretty good description of what we are.

Do you have a page that describes your technology?

We sure do. Here it is. 

How can I get in touch?

We love emails and hope you’ll send us one.

Phone is good, too. Dial 1.800.420.6086.

Where are you?

Our headquarters is located in downtown Brooklyn, New York. We’re right between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, which also works out pretty well with our name. We also have offices in San Francisco (that other city of bridges) and Bangalore (an excellent bridge to some of the best food and beer in India.)

Brooklyn Office map »

Pontiflex, Inc.
45 Main Street, Suite 1101
Brooklyn, NY 11201

San Francisco Office map »

Pontiflex, Inc.
96 Jessie Street, Fourth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

India Office map »

Pontiflex, Inc.
No. 201, Fremont Terraces, 2nd Floor
#3580, 4th Cross, 13G Main, HAL 2nd Stage
Indiranagar / Bangalore 560038
Karnataka, India

Who’s behind this thing?

Pontiflex is run by a great team of technology enthusiasts, mobile experts, marketing geeks, web development gurus and sales executives. We are proudly backed by Talus Holdings, New Atlantic Ventures, Tribeca Venture Partners, and RRE Ventures.

Can I work there, too?

Yep! We’re always looking for people who want to make the digital advertising industry better. Our employees love challenges and figuring out creative ways to solve them. If this sounds like you, send a note and your resume to careers@pontiflex.com.

What does your office look like?

Imagine the Taj Mahal crossed with Graceland, only with deeper shag carpeting. Wait, that’s what we wish it looked like.